【SDGs】「味噌でまちとつながろう」手作り味噌から広がる人や地域とのご縁/Seeds of happiness(2021/4/10)


Putting miso into a barrel with a hundred people and then sharing delicious miso and the happiness of reuniting with them a year later; making miso is a seasonal job that began with a request by the cook Ms. Ayako Mitsuhashi, who wanted to enjoy herself with lots of people. The neighbors come together regardless of age or gender. They make a point of using ingredients for miso which are made locally produced for local consumption. The soybeans and malt are all grown provided by local farmers. What kind of future does Ms. Mitsuhashi, who wants to create a bond with the world by making miso, see?
(2021年4月10日放送 『しあわせのたね。』より)

しあわせのたね。HP https://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/shiawasenotane/
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